01 Jul

Cybrosis Feedback Episode 03 Part 02

Welcome to the second half of the final Cybrosis feedback episode!  J. Daniel Sawyer and Christiana Ellis return to the mics  and we’re joined by a new voice in the fun insanity as we finish the second half of your comments, voicemails, website comments and more!

So yes, this is the final part of the final feedback but fear not there is more content still to come.  Including the Cybreakfast we recorded at Balticon!  Also, just because this is the last scheduled feedback episode, don’t let that stop you from writing or calling in.  There is more content coming down the feed and the communication lines are still open!

E-mail: pcharing [at] cybrosisnovel [dot] com
Skype: P.C. Haring
Twitter @pcharing
Voicemail: 331-684-7252

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One Response to “Cybrosis Feedback Episode 03 Part 02”

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    Lisa Says:

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to listen to the feedback episode, replay the ending of Cybrosis, then get here to leave this comment…. but this is Lisa, who left a voicemail concerning a couple things I wasn’t crazy about. First off, yes, my opinions on the voicework are definitely personel preferences only, but I should clarify what I didn’t love: the monotone reading for Chen just didn’t do it for me (I know that’s how P.C. wanted it read, I just never like monotone speech, so it’s kind of grating on me). So it definitely wasn’t Christiana, just the read she was asked to do. And I just thought Heather’s reading for Ciris was at times wooden. Again, I think that’s how the character was meant to be, but I wouldn’t have chosen it for the character. But Heather did inject plenty of good emotion in Ciris, and I think Christiana got some in there too.
    I liked what Steve had to say about Ciris getting out of the tunnel, and I replayed the ending of episode 20. And I didn’t have the same reaction. No eye-rolling, haha. I see the points you guys made, and after another listen, it definitely sat better for me. I agree. I guess I just didn’t get it at first. Full disclosure though, part of what I think ‘bothered’ me about it was the whole Ciris having a child thing… as a childless woman, I instantly felt jealous that she, as a single woman could have a child and I don’t have one! But that’s my personal bitterness, and I’ll get over it. I also could’ve been having a bad day when I was listening to the ending.
    One more bit, I found it fascinating, your talk in the feedback episode about the stages of grief and how Ciris did and did not move through them.
    Great feedback epsiode, great podcast/story, and I can’t wait to hear more from all of you! Thanks for your time,
    -Lisa from Illinois

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